Adapt And Thrive In A Rapidly Changing Utilities Industry.     





Elevate utility customer experience.


Give utility customers personalized service and the digital apps they love.


Energize your workforce.


Empower the workforce of the future with insight, automation, and intuitive tools.


Engage diverse partner ecosystems.


Rally new infrastructure, product, and service delivery partners around your customers. Connect data and systems with scale and agility through an industry-leading platform.


Modernize the regulated utility customer experience.


Prepare for the new future of energy with digitalization that puts customers first.


Meet customer needs faster in Retail Energy.


Create a more cohesive experience for customers by bringing systems on a single platform. And also, empower employees with data-driven, productivity-boosting insights


Become a leader in sustainability.


Get ahead of the curve with innovations that align your business with energy transition trends.


How It Works

Technology Road-mapping for Various Industries

Streamlined Sales

Quickly offer quotes and rates, from single residential to multiproduct and multisite customers.



Empowered Agents

Transform the call center with swivel-free consoles and unified customer data.



End-to-End Service

Deliver a consistent customer journey from initial call to field execution.



Personalized Experiences

Increase customer engagement with omnichannel support and digital self-service.


What's Included

  • Marketing Cloud lets you personalize customer experiences and optimize each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.

  • Sales Cloud provides omnichannel case routing via email, website forms, telephony, and mobile apps.
  • Service Cloud allows you to automate case processing and escalation via SLA & milestone automation, and entitlement management.

  • Community Cloud for customer self-service integrates with backend systems such as SAP to ensure seamless data transition.

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