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Boost efficiency, increase productivity, and save on IT costs with Salesforce Platform.


Automate anything without code.

Create dynamic, real-time automations across people, processes, and systems to save money.


Build and operate intelligent apps at scale.

Create, test, and ship employee and customer apps. Get faster time to value with change and release management tools.


Secure and activate your data in real-time with Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud.

Connect and harmonize data to increase efficiency within your teams across your Customer 360.

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Salesforce Platform:

Automate processes, build more intelligent apps, and secure data across your Customer 360.


Application Development

Application Development

Build faster and automate across your business with low code.



Empower people, streamline processes, and connect systems with Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud.



Secure your enterprise with Shield and natively built tools.



Scale globally and serve customers locally with security, privacy, and agility.


Einstein Intelligence

Boost growth by using AI to create customer magic through personalized experiences.


Sandboxes: Secure development environments.

Build, test, and deploy changes with confidence.

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