Transforming Financial Services with Salesforce

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

When mobile wallets first came on the market, many were skeptical of their success. Many people could not even comprehend where and how people could use mobile wallets when physical cash was everything. Even though I am still considered a young adult who grew up with technology, I was not sure how our society could go cashless. But it did. And regardless of which financial background people came from, mobile wallets became a huge success worldwide. In the Asia Pacific, there are over 1200 fintech apps that make it easier than ever for consumers to borrow, make payments, save, and invest.

For any company, the office can be divided into one, the back office and the front office. The front office is responsible for products and manufacturing, and the front office is responsible for distributing the products and services and dealing with customers daily. The front office has customer-facing functions like sales, marketing, and customer service, which are critical for winning and maintaining customer loyalty. If you run a fintech company, you must know how to create and run an effective front office. Also, you should focus on how Salesforce can help if you haven’t already!


Transform your front office through digitalization

Your front office will need up-to-date and real-time data to provide exceptional customer service. Imagine if a customer calls your front office for an issue, and your customer service agents are running all over the office to find the information on the customer. In 2022, this should not be the ideal scenario when a customer calls with a complaint or for a query. This is why you should provide your customer service teams with the right and advanced technology that gives quick customer service and streamlines service delivery at a minimal cost.

Digitalization is the solution to all many challenges. A truly digital front office will enable a seamless and connected customer experience. Your customers will enjoy personalized experiences across whatever channel they interact with your team. In this digitalized world with numerous customer touchpoints, you should be able to provide quick and fast solutions to customers in all of them.

Also, through digitalization, you are saving your customers time and helping your employees. For example, automating manual, repetitive tasks will speed up processes like customer onboarding and give your employees extra time to do other things.  

Now is an excellent time to combine technologies like artificial intelligence and automation. If you want to transform your business and make profits, you need to get Salesforce which will automate and digitize your business.


Salesforce for Front Office Digitization 

Your marketing, sales, service, and other front offices require a shared view of the customer. Also, these departments work together to personalize each step of the customer journey. Hence, you need Salesforce to transform all your teams in the front office to go digital. 

The customer Data Platform by Salesforce can enable marketers to hyper-personalize communication. It provides tailored product offers and recommendations based on customers' information. 

With Tableau and CRM Analytics by Salesforces, your relationship manager can better understand the customer journey with data points and up-to-date information. This enables them to take data-driven actions. 

Slack, now owned by Salesforce, keeps your teams aligned and alert, which helps to speed up decision-making. This ultimately helps them work more efficiently and deliver better customer service. 

MuleSoft by Salesforce can integrate multiple existing systems when communicating with customers.

The possibilities are limitless. Financial services have evolved with time, and we no longer stand in long queues in banks with overworked staff. Hence, if you are in the fintech business, please pay attention to the ‘tech’ bit because this is why your customers will come to you to get the best financial tech support. If you would still like to learn more, you can watch this short episode on how to Engage Customers with Automated & Connected Experiences by Dreamforce to expand your knowledge. 

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