Manual Spreadsheets Vs Automation with Salesforce

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

Back in the 90s, my father spent a substantial amount of time manually inputting data into spreadsheets. The use of spreadsheets for young professionals at that time was as revolutionary as the introduction of Artificial Intelligence for us. Do you use spreadsheets at work? If yes, how are you living in the 90s in 2023? If you have a small or medium business enterprise and you are growing at a steady pace, you will end up having a lot of spreadsheets which contain important data related to your customers and business. However, you must ask yourself that there must be a better way. Yes, there is a better way and you need to know about it. 


Digitise Your Business

The pandemic happened almost three years ago and changed the way businesses worked overnight. We witnessed the downfall of traditional businesses, and consecutively saw the rise of modern businesses who believed in the power of digitization. Did you know that 71% of Small and Medium Business leaders believe their business survived the pandemic because of their trust in digitization. They identified an opportunity to upgrade and acted swiftly to meet the demands of their customers with the help of digital tools. In the latest Small and Medium Business Trends Report by Salesforces, the majority of business owners have mentioned that their customers prefer online transactions. Hence, this drove 63% of owners of small and medium businesses to establish an e-commerce platform.

Digital transformation can increase productivity, improve business agility, and enhance data security. The use of technology also builds better relationships with customers and stakeholders. If your business is still using spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel to store data, it is time to make a decision and go beyond time-consuming manual processes. It is high time to choose automation.


Enhance Efficiency and Save Time

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can help small businesses to create and maintain relationships with customers. When you have a small and new business, each customer is valuable. They will help your business to grow, suggest your products to friends, and come back themselves for repurchases. New business owners cannot afford to lose customers in the first few years. This is why if you opt for CRM services by Salesforce, you will not go to bed anxious and worrying about which customer you have not yet responded to. Salesforce uses intelligent and modern automation processes which has the ability to build a comprehensive customer reference database. This database can support your business’s marketing, sales, and services. 

Also, unlike manual spreadsheets, a CRM makes it easy to automate daily and monotonous tasks done by your team. This way you and your team can focus on other tasks and activities. For example, manually responding to every query of a customer can take up hours from your employees. However, with the help of Salesforce, your online touchpoints can have AI programmed to have real time conversations with your customers. 

All the hours of manual data entry, responding to queries and complaints, and the stress of remembering every customer conversation can have a negative impact on you and your team. You will end up losing time and money. This is why CRM software by Salesforce gives you back your most important resource, which is time. 


Maximise Your Return on Investment 

There is a misconception that digitalization is expensive and it is only available for big businesses. Salesforce has something for every size and type of businesses. Salesforce provides business leaders the tools to capture new leads and manage their prospective customers, regardless of the size of your business. CRM software can personalise email templates for mass marketing campaigns, provide consistent messaging, and consistent activity tracking to ensure no conversation with any customer is lost or forgotten. Once you get a CRM software for your business, Salesforce will also give you analytics which allow business owners and their teams to seamlessly access data, collaborate ideas, and share insights. Our traditional spreadsheets do not have the analytics feature as it is programmed to only store information. However, CRM software by Salesforce is programmed to store, think, process, and respond. And that is a great value for your money!

Today is a good day to level up your game in the business with Salesforce. Startups are on the rise and competition is tougher than ever for every business. Make a calculated and intelligent decision today and shift from manual spreadsheets to automation!

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