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By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

During my internship, I took meeting minutes in my notebook and then spent a reasonable amount of time typing them on my laptop after the meeting. Unwittingly, I was duplicating work , which also ate up more work time. I was new to professional life and did not know the shortcuts which could make my life easier. When my boss found out what I was doing, he shared a minutes template with me through which I could take minutes on my laptop during the meeting and only spend a few minutes after sessions to clean up the notes. 

Imagine if you could do what my boss did for your employees; if you could take the routine, manual, and repetitive work out of their days and let them be more productive? It can free up time for more value-added work, which can be profitable for you and your business. Many companies are automating their business to drive systemic productivity and efficiency.

Did you know that companies have invested in technology for decades to eliminate repetitive and manual tasks? Why do you think the Information Age is the era marked by the rapid adoption of new technologies? Also, remember that technology is constantly evolving, and successful businesses grow to the technology surrounding them. In 2022, you cannot be content with minimum technology. It would help if you had sophisticated and world-class automation in every corner of your organization. Here are three reasons why you need to invest in automating your business.


Automation can be applied anywhere and everywhere in your business

You do not have to be an IT expert to know that technology has made our lives easier, faster, and smoother. But you should know how different teams of your business can use automation to cut costs, reduce manual processes and inefficiencies, keep employees happy, and serve customers better. 

You can start by automating your Finance and accounting team. This will free up time to do strategically important things instead of spending hours through long spreadsheets. For example, for Accounts Payable, your automation software can automatically match invoices to relevant documents and route approvals simultaneously. If you automate your finances, it will not only make the team more efficient but also reduces the risk of errors.

You obviously know your Marketing team's importance and the high volume of stakeholders they need to connect with daily. By automating marketing, you can target and communicate with customers with automated communications across multiple channels. Investing in the best customer relationship management (CRM) system like Salesforce can help you identify your audience, design relevant content, and automatically trigger actions.

In the post-pandemic world, nothing is more than customer service. Your customers will not settle for less. But this means you have to be there for your customers 24/7. This is why many companies are opting for bots! These bots will attend to your customers for you, predict issues, address problems, and save you time!


Automation makes employees happier and more productive

Efficient employees do not like wasting their time manually entering and retrieving information whenever they need something. This is not the best use of someone’s time and can lead to a lack of employee morale and engagement. MuleSoft by Salesforce is the best-unified solution for integration, automation, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This software can help your teams to adapt to change and challenges. It also provides a single view of customers to help your team have connected experiences in your channels. Also, according to the APAC Engagement Research conducted by Salesforce, it was found that 34% of office workers strongly agree that outdated technology makes them demotivated at work.

Automation should be considered a strategic asset by Leaders 

Did you know A.I. systems in the Asia Pacific region will rise from $17.6 billion in 2022 to around $32 billion in 2025? The automation industry is the future, and efficient leaders are already investing in it. Many leaders opt for training, workshops, and incentives to digitally transform their work culture. A good leader knows the secret to a successful business is happy customers and employees who love and care for their business. Hence, leaders are not depriving their employees of an efficient workplace and are investing in automation.

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