Are Bots Taking Over Humans? Don’t Fret-It’s a Myth!

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

If you are a 90s baby, you have witnessed all the major technological landmarks that took over our lives. From MSN Messenger, to Nokia’s razzy flip phones, technology always divides the room and starts quite exciting debates. However, the bots that have walked into our lives recently, did so without creating too much discussion. This might be because we all knew this was coming. Think of all the 90’s science fiction movies. You must have seen the evil portrayal of bots, where they are essential components of our lives, disrupt human civilization, and eventually gain control of the entire earth (Terminator, anyone?). It is 2022, and this disruptive technology has been here for some time. So, if they really wanted to take over us, they would have by now already!

Jokes aside, we know by now that artificial intelligence (A.I.) or automation has significantly impacted the global job market. Automation technology is evolving and getting more advanced every day. This raises concern in many as they think automation is here to replace human beings from their jobs. However, the good news is the bots are here f to complement our skill set and enhance productivity.


What is Automation Technology?

Automation technology is known to put machines to work with the least amount of human effort. It reduces time, solves unique needs and goals, and can think without human interference. This scares people. However, we need to be curious and excited instead of being intimidated. In the 50s, when Rolodex came out, salespeople thought this was revolutionary for managing their leads. Even though it was pretty cool back then, there was no option to get more information about new customers, and you could not share data with your team. The most you could store data into it. The evolutions of technology led to robust and automated customer relationship management software, which allows sales and support agents to create a seamless customer experience for every new lead. 

So, if you are a salesperson, the tools available for you are world-class and reflect the finest technology. Thanks to automation.

Still Scared About Losing Your Job to Robots?

Do you stay awake at night thinking about what you can do to protect your job from being replaced by A.I. and robots? I usually stay awake watching my favorite sci-fi shows, but I feel you. Hence, I have good and bad news that might help you sleep better. Let's start with the bad news. Did you know that almost every job in the market can be automated to some extent? Sorry to break this to you, but we do not have any long-term technology-proof job or career path.

Please do not be sad yet; I still have some good news. Did you know human creativity and resolve is at an all-time high? Look around and observe the technologies you have at home or work. See how advanced they are and how much they make our lives easier. However, these beautiful pieces of machinery do not have a brain or a beating heart like you. This makes us human, unique, beautiful, and different. Robots or automation functions the way you code them; we work through neurons. So, stop worrying and embrace your humanity (something a robot can never do). We have the power to connect with our career and our team and scale for the future. We have the creativity to build lives for ourselves which are meaningful and extraordinary.

Hence, this is not the time to panic. Instead, it's time to build on the roles and capabilities that can be automated to deliver new value at every level.

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Why Robots will Never Replace You

When it comes to comparing humans and automation, the best way is to differentiate yourself through humanity and creativity, not productivity. Of course, a machine will be able to work more hours without needing sleep, food, or oxygen. However, can a machine sell a pen as Leonardo Di Caprio did in the Wolf of Wall Stress? Absolutely not! This is our creativity and uniqueness, the uniqueness of human intuition and care. Our human differentiator is how we can show up at any given moment to be present, aware, and ready to participate. 

Hence, to include and to establish once and for all, A.I. and automation are here to help us work fast, at scale, and as efficiently as possible. To make our human touch more visible and more valuable to our customers. The human economy is about: experiences and feelings that machines and robots cannot replicate or replace

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