Go Green But Remember to Stay Green: 5 Myths To Disregard

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

I don’t remember the Earth being this hot while I was growing up. It gets hotter everywhere and we might not know this, but this means we are heading towards an unavoidable catastrophe. Scientists have warned that if we somehow manage to spike up the current global temperature by 0.4ºC, we are asking for trouble. The current global temperature is a staggering 1.1ºC which is much hotter than the pre-industrial era. So, if we somehow succeed in getting the global temperature to the dreaded 1.5ºC, we will welcome the worst ravages of natural calamities and unavoidable disasters. We have to keep in mind that to keep the temperatures below 1.5ºC, the global carbon dioxide emissions must drop a staggering 7.6% per year from 2020 to 2030.

Large companies who are operating around the world with big factories contribute largely to our earth getting hotter than before. Hence, the more damage they are causing, they also should take responsibility for it. This is why in the last few years we have seen big corporations promising to go green and some actually are keeping their words. But to change the world for the better, only the big companies cannot be responsible. We all have a part to play in it. This is why we have the Paris Agreement and UN Framework Convention to help people and businesses prioritize climate change. If you are unsure how and where to start, the broad categories to combat climate change actions can be simplified into three: cut carbon monoxide emissions, adapt to climate impacts, and initiate financial adjustments. 

Why does the business community have an essential role in achieving sustainability targets and combating climate change? This is because the business community are the community leaders, employers, and providers who should lead by example for everyone else. This is why sustainability should be placed at the heart of all businesses because they have the power to make this world a better place. But many businesses, big or small, are skeptical of the differences they can achieve. Hence, I will make your decision-making a bit easier by busting some common myths for businesses wanting to combat climate change. 

Myth 1: “Sustainability is too expensive and will lead to less profit”

Well, yes, of course, implementing a new program or practice in any office or factory will have some costs upfront. However, investing to cut emissions and create efficiencies for your business will save money in the long run.

Go Green But Remember to Stay Green: 5 Myths To Disregard

Myth 2: “One company cannot make a difference in the world”

Big corporations are the largest producers of products and consumers of resources around the world. They employ millions of people and have businesses in many cities, big or small. They have the opportunity to impact large numbers of people and the community. Hence, businesses can make a positive difference in the world, if they want to.

Myth 3: “Corporate social responsibility is a facade”

In many countries, CSR is mandatory for big corporations. This is because many big factories and offices can create long-lasting damage to our environment. Hence, they are legally obliged to give back to the community they are operating in.

Go Green But Remember to Stay Green: 5 Myths To Disregard

Myth 4: “Employees could not care less about climate change”

Employees are the ones who operate and maintain day-to-day functions in your factories and offices. They are the ones who have a big role to play to incorporate sustainable practices. If your company keeps sustainability at the heart of your mission and vision, your employees too will feel motivated to play an active role to combat climate change. Salesforce, one of the biggest CRM and tech companies in the world, follows and practices sustainable and ‘green’ methods in their daily functions. Their employees can become a part of the Earthforce and part of the ‘green team’ to combat climate change. 

Myth 5: “Consumers don’t care about climate change”

Customers globally are becoming more and more concerned about where they are investing their money. They want to help businesses that are green, sustainable, and cause more good to the environment than bad. Hence, they are seeking out brands and companies that prioritize sustainability.

Keep these in mind when you’re planning your sustainability strategies and we’ll see how far you go!

Lava Protocols is an authorized Salesforce Reseller. Want to track your Carbon Footprint? Drop us an email to: hello@lavaprotocols.com. 

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