Salesforce and Healthcare Services: What You Need to Know

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

I wouldn’t say I like thinking about 2020 and how the world changed overnight. The world stopped, but one industry in every part of the world was working harder than ever. We cannot thank the healthcare industry enough for being by our side throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. I had two healthcare frontline workers in my family, and I am forever grateful to them for their bravery. Whenever there is an emergency, be it for natural causes or medical, the healthcare industry never gets to take a break. 


A hospital near my home was understaffed and unprepared for the volume of Covid patients they were getting every day. They even had to send back patients because they did not know what to do. The pile of data they were receiving every hour was being written down by hand by nurses, and they could not keep up. Thus, this caused a delay in treatment and overall patient care. We cannot let these kinds of things happen again. The tremendous pressure and demand on the healthcare industry forced them to re-evaluate their care model. The future of healthcare is in the capability of hospitals and caregivers holistically understand their patients and provide a value-based personalized experience.


Dornier MedTech: Providing Healthcare of the Future 


Dornier MedTech is a customer-centric global healthcare company embracing innovation and using Salesforce to drive its transformation across its ASEAN operations, starting with Singapore and Japan. Issac Khoo, General Manager at Dornier MedTech, says that a company’s agility in today’s competitive world lies in the speed and accessibility of critical data and a team mindset. He also mentioned how Salesforce had helped Dornier MedTech capture data points faster in their customer’s journey.


Dornier MedTech has rolled out Sales Cloud to all sales teams across ASEAN. This helps the team save time and get a 360-degree view of their customers in a short time. Hiromasa Ito, IT Manager for Dornier MedTech in Japan, mentioned that Sales Cloud saves their sales rep up to two hours a week on reporting. This way, sales agents have more time to spend with customers. Dornier MedTech uses Service Cloud to provide efficient and personalized customer support. Any customer inquiries are routed automatically to the designated team. Support engineers are also notified immediately when a customer requests help. This same process in the past used to take up to four hours or more.


Why should you get Salesforce Health Cloud?


There are two reasons why you should:


1. Interoperability


Salesforce Health Cloud caters to the core of the patient-focused approach in healthcare: a 360-degree holistic view of every patient. Health Cloud can pull in data from different integrated systems in your organization. Interoperability combines all of those patients’ data into one platform enabling healthcare professionals to efficiently and quickly provide services and information. 


Salesforce Health Cloud will provide you with a rich set of data models. Those can be used for care management, critical patients, relationship management, etc. This software has the power of integration to combine and organize information from various data sources and help you achieve true interoperability. For example, with Health Cloud, you can build a seamless and connected patient experience on one platform.


Doctor viewing patient's data online


2. CRM specific to healthcare


Health Cloud integrates the power of cloud technology that uses specific healthcare terminology to enable everyone in the patient’s wellness journey. Individuals from healthcare team members to patients to payers can access critical information at any time accurately and efficiently.


  • Healthcare Providers – With Health Cloud, you can transform patient management by creating a personalized and connected experience at every touchpoint. Key features such as Care Plan, Health Timeline, Care Team, Householding Map, and more are helpful for providers who want to provide targeted patient engagement and care management and improve overall patient support.


  • Payers – Through a unified Member Success Platform, you can adopt digital strategies to engage members in their health journey and revolutionize how your sales agents, brokers, and employers work with clients.


  • Medical Devices – Salesforce Health Cloud’s key features include Sales Agreement Management, Intelligent Sales, Account-based Forecasting, Marketing Forecasting, and more. These features will allow you to oversee patients’ experience by delivering best practices before, during, and after engaging with you.


  • Biotech / Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical companies will be able to offer better patient support and innovate in specialty programs. In the Salesforce Health Cloud, you can find features like Digital Consent Management, Guided Program Enrolment, Intelligent Document Automation, etc. These features will give your more significant patient insights, which will help you to provide a personalized patient experience. 


Dive into the patient-centric approach

Salesforce Health Cloud combines customer relationship management features and best practices of the healthcare industry into one platform. This allows organizations to have a centralized system for all their management and operation. You will get a complete view of your patients on a unified platform. This approach is needed for healthcare industries globally because it shifts the usual medical record-focused approach to a patient-centric approach. Your patients are your customers, and we all know customers lie in the heart of any successful organization.


Doctor and Patient


Salesforce Health Cloud will enable you to have a digital layer in sales and service operations. This will transform how your patients and other stakeholders are engaged in your services and products. This is the most robust approach available to capture data about patient interactions and help you provide continuously improved services. If I still haven’t been able to convince you, read more on How 3 Innovative Businesses in ASEAN Achieved Customer Centricity


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