Shopping Online, Made Better for your Customers

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols


Let’s cut to the chase. I am sure you are either buying online or selling something online. The fact is, we are all online. Thanks to the pandemic, digital engagement spiked by 18% in just one year in 2021. Also, I fall under the 60% of customers who are expected to continue or shop online more often shortly. Online shopping is not just one of the fringes of commerce; it has become the center of it. This is why marketers, business owners, and companies are shifting their efforts to find their competitive edge, which will make them successful in the online world. 


When we thought we were working like machines and ignoring our relationships, the Covid-19 pandemic made us realize the importance of meaningful and healthy relationships. We have also learned that we need to invest time and effort to keep those relationships working. This is precisely what successful businesses are doing today; they build and invest in their relationships with their customers. The key to success today comes from profoundly understanding customer expectations and choosing the right tools to meet them.


Do you want to know how to improve every step of your customer journey? Well, I am feeling very generous today. So, here are seven tips to make online shopping with your brand the best experience for your customers!


Customer journey


Make an Effort to Know Your Audience.

In this day and age, if you are not using the data you are collecting, you are signing up for failure. There is software that can help you collect, manage, and decode data that you can gather from every touchpoint. The smart way to do this is to group similar individual customer profiles. This way, you can create buying personas for the different groups of customers you have. Salesforce Customer 360 offers products, integrations, and add-ons, which will enable you to personalize your approach and allow you to arrange detailed pictures of your target customers. Once you know what your customers look like and want, you can deliver better!


Looks are Everything!

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound shallow. But if your product pictures aren’t looking good, customers will not click! Please do not underestimate the power of images in the online world. The photos on your website and social media accounts are the first things your customers will notice. Also, while online shopping, it is easy for your customers to get lost or lose interest in your products in seconds. If you have the budget, make 360-degree videos of your products that give accurate representation and description of their uses. As they say, if it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen! So, you need to make sure your pictures are aesthetically pleasing for your customers.


Don’t be Shy to Show Off

Products become famous when they are functional, made with quality raw materials, or when they are trending on TikTok or Instagram. So, you need to show your customers what you are famous for. Tableau for Salesforce Customer 360 can help you gain a single view of customer data and act on the insights. You can use the data from Tableau and work with your teams to present popular or best-selling products to different target audiences. If you get Tableau, you will not have to think; it will do it. Tableau can bring each purchase in one place, collect data, and list products based on their popularity!


Use Your Marketing Budget Smartly 

Life is hectic and it is normal for customers to get mad and angry when they receive the same ad over and over again. Especially if they already have the product. Guess what? You can use Marketing Cloud by Salesforce to track customers who have made a purchase, those who showed an interest but didn’t buy, and those who have been browsing other sites for products similar to yours. This way you won’t spend ad money to send ads to the customers who do not need it.


Ensure Simple Checkout Process

When your customer is in the process of checking out, you do not want to send them the other way. Complicated checkouts can lead to cart abandonment to stalling. Customers want to make safe, quick, and hassle-free purchases. You are responsible for giving them exactly that! Check out Commerce Cloud by Salesforce if you need help with this.


Simple checkout


Do Not Forget to Follow-Up

Your customers want to feel valued. Send them a thank you note or an e-card after their purchase. When they feel appreciated, they will come back for more. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you to create meaningful interactions with your customers. It can help you send similar product recommendations, review requests, or new and upcoming marketing campaigns. I know you might think sending follow-up emails can annoy your customers. But if you are sending personalized and relevant emails, you might be able to get your customers’ attention and convince them to purchase again. 


Don’t Forget to Be Consistent

Customers love reliable companies and products that are credible and consistent. So, please be consistent with your content, products, platforms, channels, and behavior. You can also get Commerce Cloud that can help you create a seamless customer journey omnichannel.


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