5 Ways to Secure Your Data

Storing money: Digitally or Physically?By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols


When I first started earning by tutoring, I had no idea where to keep my money. So, I emptied a drawer in my study desk and held my earnings in a bag. That was probably not the safest place, but my money was safe because I was in the comfort of my home. Is the internet the safest place to store everything? The answer is no. The internet is not our home, and we have to be careful when storing important information there. Did you know that phishing attempts have risen 600%, and cloud-based attacks rose 630%, according to a 2020 report? So, it is safe to say, the more we are using the internet, the greater risk we are putting ourselves in. Don’t worry. I am here to tell you how you can secure your data on the internet in 5 simple ways.


Start with Identity

When Covid-19 and lockdowns pushed us out of our offices and into our homes, the whole world made a significant shift from offline to online. Overnight our businesses changed, and our methods evolved. This means our data made a shift too. Thanks to customer relationship management software and cloud solutions, we smoothly transitioned into the new normal. But did we pay attention to data security? Your staff is the ones handling significant chunks of data. So, you need to ensure you have the proper protection for your employee login credentials. Also, compromised credentials are the most common form of cyber attack. Please don’t blame me later; I have tried to warn you!


Protect Data with Event Monitoring

Sometimes we get so carried away with protecting ourselves from the outside world we can forget that we can also be attacked from inside. Did you know 98% of organizations are concerned about internal data breaches? This is why you need Salesforce to handle your data. You can protect your data internally by event monitoring. This gives you real-time visibility of security inside the Salesforce environment. Since many of us are working from home and COVID-19 is not going anywhere, you should always think of ways to protect your data from internal and external threats.


Shield Your Data

I don’t know how to say this, but you need to shield your data as your life depends on it. Always remember to find, encrypt, monitor, and retain sensitive data. Each company does this in the way that works the best for them. But if you already have Salesforce, they shield your data for you!

Encrypting data online

Mask up Your Data

If you are like me and trust people easily, this point is for you. When it comes to sensitive data, we need to mask our data. When building and testing apps, you can try anonymizing data for added security.


Guard Your Data

We always have security cards that look after our physical premises, inventory, and offices 24/7. But who is guarding our data online? Do we know? A successful and concerned business owner will have a complete security system and metrics for online protection. Just having a security system is not enough. Prioritize getting full visibility into your online security center. Also, regularly view, analyze, and manage your security metrics.


If you are a Salesforce customer you should know that the goal of Salesforce is to create trusted digital environments so that your company is safe anywhere in the world. Also, everyone within your organization needs to understand their essential role in ensuring security. Having taken all the above steps, I know I can confidently get rid of the bag and move my investments and savings online. If you still do not have online security in place for your data, it is time to equip yourself with resources to eliminate data leaks and other virtual vulnerabilities.


Lava Protocols is an authorized Salesforce Partner. Concerned about your online security? Drop us an email to: hello@lavaprotocols.com. 

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