Why Businesses Must Go Social?


The Social Revolution is here. Social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ to name a few are already engaging more than 30% of the world’s population. Never before has the industry seen Internet adoption go “viral.”

Businesses need to quickly adapt to this rapidly changing internet environment because the consumers and clients are already there. The Internet reaches more people than any other marketing channel. Social media is driving the Internet’s exponential growth and reach, propelled by “smarter” smartphones that are becoming less expensive and fashionable. Easy ownership plans have seen over 1 billion new smartphones users in 2012 – with Android and Apple taking almost all of the market share.

‘Content is King’, they say and Social Media contains killer content, because these communications channels are now so rich in providing customer demographics, customers social patterns and behaviours that businesses, particularly B2B businesses are quickly jumping on board social media business platforms like Google, Salesforce.com, Radian6 and Buddy Media (to name a few) to engage and collaborate with clients. Businesses are now actively making their presence known on the web, where the ROI is far more favourable, and the cost is far less than traditional marketing.

The entry price for having a social media presence with monitoring and analytical tools is relatively inexpensive, making social media marketing an easily integrated part of annual marketing expenditure for any company. Advertising and marketing has become a 2 way street on social media, with consumers able to “comment, like and share” your brand within their community of friends. There is no better way to brand than through word-of-mouth, though the reverse is also true. Hence, in today’s world, brand protection is becoming more and more important, with instantaneous feedback and comments that can be used to build a stronger brand.

But businesses are beginning to wonder who will mend their social media business – search optimization, consistent change in relevant content that maintains collaboration and engagement with their respective clients and other “like” social members.

“What is the best social media strategy and social business platform that will work best for my company?” they ask.

Given the importance Social Media has in creating successful businesses, and considering the limited expertise in the marketplace, many businesses are outsourcing this work to companies that specialise in Cloud Computing or Social Media. Businesses today understand that the business landscape has evolved and the power is now in the hands of the consumers, who are empowered by their part in the Social Revolution.

Let’s go social!

Lava is an authorised Google Partner and the only authorised Salesforce reseller in Malaysia. With more than 10 years of experience in cloud technology and cloud solutions consultation we pride ourselves in not just understanding the needs of our customers but also being able to take their business to the next level.

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