Ensuring Data Security and Building Customer Trust with Salesforce

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols


I do not want to bring up pandemic examples when I write. However, it is pretty difficult not to because the amount of changes, transitions, and transformations we have witnessed in the past two years is noteworthy. The most significant growth that businesses had to go through was to shift to online modes of interaction from fully offline functions. This did revolutionize the way companies operated, but it also presented new and unique challenges for organizations. One of the challenges was to ensure data protection, and the second was to ensure customer’s trust in a new normal.


Did you know Asia was the most targeted region in 2021 for cyber security attacks? This means Asia accounted for one in four cybersecurity attacks globally. Protecting customer privacy and data is paramount for any organization. However, it is quite a difficult task to do so. The online landscape is rapidly evolving and posing new threats for organizations. The digital transformations in the last couple of years have also shed light on how far we have to go to overcome the existing digital shortcomings. This is why your business, IT, and security teams need to work together to enhance customer data security.


UEM Sunrise Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading property development companies. UEM Sunrise Berhad is also a Salesforce customer who trusts Salesforce to handle sensitive and customer data. Hasniza Binti Mohamed, Director, Digital & Incubation at UEM Sunrise Berhad, was recently at a webinar on Navigating the Security Frontier in 2022. With the help of Salesforce, they shared how their company ensures the privacy and security of customers’ data. 


Because it’s useful information for businesses of all sizes, I have jotted down the important points shared in the webinar, which will be helpful for you and your company.


Prioritize Building Secure Experiences

Hasniza says users want the technology systems to be deployed as soon as possible. However, it takes time for her and her team to check all the security measures to ensure security. Hence, UEM Sunrise Berhad always prioritizes the safety of its customers when they are working on new experiences. The best way to do this is by having a standard operating procedure (SOP) at the beginning of each project.

It is essential to protect your company and secure your data. Therefore, the organization should build layers of security into every experience. And that is precisely what UEM Sunrise Berhad did during the unprecedented times of the pandemic.


Highly secure IT device protection shield.


Taking Control of  Data Privacy

Customers are willing to share data when, in exchange, they are provided with hyper-personalized experiences at touchpoints. UEM Sunrise Berhad takes the time to classify data and establishes clear policies about who can access it. This way, they gain the trust of their customers and take the responsibility of controlling the privacy of customer data at all the data lifecycle stages. 

UEM Sunrise Berhad wants to introduce Privileged Access Management (PAM). This will allow them to centralize access to customer data at their corporate level. Introducing PAM will mean that data will not be shared among users and will enable UEM Sunrise Berhad’s marketing and IT teams to remove unnecessary permission.


Creating a Trusted Digital Environment

UEM Sunrise Berhad is well aware of the evolving threat of cyber-attacks in Asia. One way they tackle this is by proactively threat hunting. In simple words, they use AI to do this for them. Your staff can’t set and monitor all cybersecurity attacks worldwide and identify the ones that impose the highest threat to your company. 

UEM Sunrise Berhad uses AI for proactive threat hunting to simulate attacks in their systems and identify any gaps. Hasniza says using AI technology bullet-proofs their environment and protects them against any new virus or breach. Still unsure whether you should opt for AI? Perhaps reading six reasons why you need AI can help you make a decision.




If your company manages and collects data from customers, you are also responsible for protecting that data. In this post-pandemic world, the last thing you want is to deal with an internal data leak crisis. Hence, talk to someone from Salesforce today! I am they will help you find exactly the thing you need to protect your customer’s data and gain their trust.


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