7 Ways to Personalize, or Go Home

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols


Your customers know that you are selling products or services to make money. However, shopping experiences have evolved over the years, and the pandemic brought forward many changes in customer behavior. This is why customers want personalized customer service as they are not buying products; they are purchasing experiences. It is your responsibility to provide an empathetic, fast, and customized experience to each of your customers. In the last decade, the boom in technology has changed the way customers shop and what they experience. Hence, companies are upping their games and taking advantage of automation, 360-degree data, and AI to provide bespoke customer service to each existing and prospective customer. 

This does not mean you will need staff or teams to go through every data you receive; you will need to opt for software supercharged by AI to simplify the data collection and analyzing process. The AI software will help you identify trends and find opportunities to improve your products and services. The State of the Connected Customer report by Salesforce showed 52% of customers want personalized customer experience and 66% want companies to understand their unique needs and demands. 

But how will you give effective, personalized, and fast customer services? Here are 7 ways how!

1. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

There is no way your marketing team can skim through every data you get of your customer. Hence, you will require a cloud marketing tool that will do that for you. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you gather, analyze, and target customers based on data. You will thoroughly understand your customer’s purchasing patterns and develop plans to optimize your customer services.

2. Understand Algorithms 

Amazon, the tech giant, makes it seem like their website is built for you when you shop from your phone or browser. They do this for every customer. The secret is the algorithm. You will need to use algorithms to provide specific services and products effectively to customers. Using algorithms will allow you to go above and beyond your marketing tools, leading to pleased customers.

3. Automation is the Present

It almost seems like we are in a sci-fi movie when you see the technological advancements around us. Sales Cloud and Pardot, both by Salesforce, are the most sought-after software for automation. They automate data collection and segmentation for your marketing team. This way, you will provide personalized communication and messages to your customers. If your company deals with various stakeholders who come from different backgrounds and have unique needs, automation will make your life a lot easier. You will be able to personalize the customer experience with various stakeholders if you decide to let automation handle your data for you!

4. Intelligent Use of Automation

Once you use Sales Cloud or Pardot to automate the data collection step, the next step is to use those data efficiently. My social media was flooded with end-of-year rankings of most played songs by my friends who use Spotify. Spotify is an excellent example of a company that efficiently uses data automation and algorithms. They provided a unique experience to each of their customers. Hence, all their customers received a personal and memorable experience!

5. Go Global

If Apple or Microsoft stayed where they started, they would still function from a garage. They expanded in the countries they were founded in; they are worldwide. Hence, even if your headquarter is located in one part of the world, you can still stay connected with your customers in other parts of the world. Salesforce Marketing Cloud will let you stay connected with your customers 24/7. Not just that, Salesforce Marketing Cloud understands different languages, currencies, and contexts. This cloud software will mold into what you want and not the other way around. So, now you can go global and adjust your company’s communication accordingly.

6. Don’t Forget to Personalize

Did you know Netflix shows you movies and dramas on the landing page based on what you like and prefer? Not just that, they even change their posters based on the likes and dislikes of their users. It sounds complicated, but they use AI-powered software to do the tedious work from them. But the thing to notice here is how Netflix pays attention to their customers’ needs and provides personalized experiences. They can do this because they have the data to do so. So, you too can kickback and relax while cloud platforms by Salesforce collect the data for you!

7. Think Big!

You might think only giant companies are doing all the sci-fi data management. The size of your company does not matter! Your customers are essential, and they also want personalized experiences. So, your data is crucial for your growth and survival in this highly competitive market. But Yes, taking examples and seeing how the giants are doing their job are great learning experiences for small and medium enterprises. So, if the giants are doing it, they must be for good reasons!


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