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By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Blogger, Lava Protocols

What is considered making it big nowadays? How do companies stand out from their competitors? Which organizations are considered successful? The answers to these questions are limitless and will vary from one person to another. However, what most successful companies have in common is an online presence. Now, only succeeding and making a profit offline is not enough. Your company requires a strong online presence to attract new customers and to keep the existing ones loyal to your brand.

THEORGANIZATION (pseudonym), an independent entity that regulates all economic and commercial matters which relate to civil aviation, did not have a strong online presence. This entity strives to promote a commercially viable, consumer-oriented, and resilient civil aviation industry that will contribute to the nation’s economic growth. As a newly formed body, THEORGANIZATION’s main purpose is to protect the rights of aviation consumers by establishing a mechanism to submit their complaints.

Prior to the establishment of THEORGANIZATION, the aviation industry needed a centralized authority not only to oversee but also establish the proper codes of conduct about consumer rights. THEORGANIZATION required a platform that is both web and mobile-friendly and a means to effectively track these reports submitted by consumers. Soon after its establishment, THEORGANIZATION realized the importance of being online and how their in-house technology needed an upgrade. Hence, THEORGANIZATION approached Lava Protocols, a company that supports corporations of any size by improving their customer touchpoint experience and helping them achieve a competitive edge via cloud computing technology and applications.

Here are the solutions provided by Lava Protocols:

Implementation of CMS (Customer Management System):

Lava Protocols implemented Salesforce Service Cloud for THEORGANIZATION which allowed them to engage with customers anytime, anywhere, and deliver service across key channels. Using Service Cloud as a standard case management platform helped the client track all consumer complaints, stakeholder’s responses, and consumer interactions. It also allowed them to handle complaints faster by integrating case information with Salesforce Knowledge. In simple words, Lava worked with THEORGANIZATION to empower them with better insights and visibility with the help of Salesforce. This was particularly critical given that they held the responsibility of managing consumer feedback for the airline industry across the entire country.


Capacity Building:

User training was provided by Lava Protocols to the employees of THEORGANIZATION so that they could easily adapt and familiarize themselves with the CMS.

Easy access for customers:

The CMS created a communication channel for THEORGANIZATIONY which is easy, simple, and quick. Customers can reach out to THEORGANIZATION with their complaints, inquiries, compliments, or feedback via webforms or email. The Salesforce web-to-case feature allows consumers to submit their feedback or complaints via web forms. The route for these cases will be determined based on the assignment rules set by THEORGANIZATION. The Salesforce email-to-case feature on the other hand automatically pushes emails created within the system to the dedicated inbox where the title of the email would become the case title otherwise known as the “subject field” and the content of the email goes into the “description field”.

Website Development:

Lava Protocols designed and developed a comprehensive website using WordPress which through easy navigation, allows users to find information easily. The primary purpose of the website is to function as THEORGANIZATION’s information portal and a platform to engage with consumers and stakeholders.

By using the CMS implemented by Lava Protocols, THEORGANIZATION has been able to easily manage consumer complaints via their webpage and keep them and their stakeholders informed on any new complaints received. With the support of Lava Protocols, THEORGANIZATION’s online presence has taken off and is now running smoothly. THEORGANIZATION’s Consumer Affairs Manager mentioned,

Lava Protocols has been a reliable partner in establishing the new Complaints Management System at THEORGANIZATION. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to develop and implement a sound Complaints Management System.

In today’s world, 10-second videos on TikTok can make people millionaires, spread messages in a matter of seconds, and influence behavior. It is evident that companies and businesses need to focus on their online presence to thrive and survive. If you want to ensure a smooth ride for your company, let Lava Protocols empower and lead digital transformation in your business through cloud technology.

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