Salesforce Lightning Features Will Help You Sell Smarter and Faster

By Laura Fagan, Director, Product Marketing (Sales Cloud), Salesforce 

Salesforce Lightning Experience is an intelligent CRM application with a point of view (POV) and not just a database full of customers and info on prospects. It’s this POV that is particularly beneficial to salespeople.

Yes, there isn’t enough time in a day, and there’s that added pressure to maximize productivity with what little time you have. But the Salesforce Lightning features — including the four highlighted below — were designed specifically to enable you to sell smarter and faster.

1. Assistant

One of the greatest benefits of cloud software is that it continues to provide people further down in the organisation with better productivity tools. Now almost anybody can have the equivalent of an executive assistant and not just the C-level exclusively.

Lightning’s all-new Assistant feature is a perfect example of this. It keeps sales reps up-to-date on the hottest leads and opportunities with proactive alerts that notify users of what needs to be worked on next. Use Assistant to laser focus in on the tasks that will move deals forward, so you can close them faster.

2. Pipeline Board

Lightning’s Pipeline Board gives you a single view of all of your opportunities, no matter which stage they’re at. Each opportunity can be moved back and forth across the page to any stage like a digital sticky note, giving you instant insight into how each change impacts your sales forecast.

If any tasks are overdue, or an opportunity needs some extra love, or it’s just been some time since you last checked in, the Pipeline Board will give you a heads-up, thanks to its intelligent alerts.

3. Account Insights

Want to know what your top customers are up to? The Account Insights gives you just that with instant access to relevant info about them. It’s a play-by-play algorithm designed to push important happenings to you on the Lightning Home screen and within individual account records. This includes relevant news in a customer’s industry and space. With Account Insights, you’ll never show up to another meeting without the big picture.

4. Sales Path

Among the many hats sales managers wear is the responsibility to guide their team throughout the sales process. With Sales Path, managers can build-in repeatable, best practices of sorts, from qualification to closing.

Examples include how many days a sales rep should spend in each stage, plus tips on what to do while there. Not only does this save the manager’s time, it gives team members a peace of mind because they’re aware that they’re making the best decisions to stay on track and hit their goals.

Article first appeared on the Salesforce Blog.

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