Gain Greater Transparency
into Your Field
Service Agents
Locations and Tasks
with Custella

Field service optimization

Stop wasting precious time on redundant work

  Let Custella manage your field service teams for you while you focus on what’s important.

Real-Time Location & Task Status

Stay updated in real-time on the locations of your field service agents and on the status of every task from creation to completion.

Intelligent Scheduling

Make the most of your day by efficiently scheduling your day-to-day plans based on criteria such as time, distance, or priority and distance.

Dynamic Reports

Create, edit, and customize reports based on the real-time data to help you make smarter and relevant business decisions.

Optimized Task Assignment

No more hassle of manually assigning tasks to the right field service agents. Instead, let Custella automate task assignments instantly.


Sales & Job Order Management

Initiate and process sales easily no matter where you are. You can enhance your sales process by integrating Custella to Salesforce.


Delay Prevention

Custella’s task scheduling function takes into account buffer time to park, walk from your parking space to your customer’s doorstep, and more. This way you’ll always be on time.

Beyond Optimised Task Assignment


Managing a field service team doesn’t end at task assignment. It’s about keeping your customers satisfied by getting the right field agent with the right skills needed, appearing right on time at the location – all while having data on the progress of the task and your field service agents at your fingertip. Which is exactly what Custella Field Service Optimization is built to do.


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