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By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

Do you have a to-do list that helps you prioritize and complete daily tasks? I used to not believe in to-do lists because the internet told me they were useless. But what I started doing was inserting my deadlines, chores, and activities into my phone’s calendar. So, in a way, I did not have a to-do list, but I had something to tell me and remind me of the things I was supposed to get done on that day. 


But thank goodness I chose to be a writer and not a doctor. Because can you imagine having the responsibility for other people’s lives and forgetting about them? Jokes apart (is it a joke, though?), doctors usually have a pretty busy schedule, especially in emergency wings. It helps to know which patients to prioritize and which ones can wait . Having this responsibility of prioritizing on top of saving people’s lives can be stressful and daunting. The answer is triage. Medical institutions use triaging to categorize patients depending on the severity of their condition. It is a meticulous process, but it helps doctors and nurses immediately tend to patients in critical situations. This triaging process is used in customer services as well.


What do triaging and routing in customer service mean?

I have said this before and will repeat it; customers are unwilling to settle for mediocre customer service. In the post-pandemic world, customers want the best of the best and personalized services, if possible, in all of your company’s checkpoints. So, if your product or services fail to meet their expectations, you will hear about it. Customer service teams are always busy, 24/7, dealing with problems and answering questions. Just like the doctors use triaging, perhaps, your customer service team can use it to prioritize which situation to tend to first.


Customer receiving bad customer service


Triage will help you streamline your customer service and support process. It can do this by routing the right task to the right agent based on the issue’s intensity. A triaging system will quickly review complaints and access them against severity and business impact. If any customer raises problems that can severely halt your core business processes, that complaint will be the highest priority. In a short time, your customer service agents will know exactly which issues require immediate attention and which can wait.


How can you level up triaging? 

Depending on the size of your business, manual triaging can be time-consuming for your customer service agents. The amount of time they will take to triage the complaints will affect their response rate. This is because they are humans, after all. These processes take time. Also, human error can lead to cases in which high-priority complaints were ignored or overseen.

This is why you need Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to triage for you. A.I will help your team analyze customer complaints and provide you with accurate resolutions. A.I can also help your company further by highlighting trends and patterns while triaging. So, you can look into Service Cloud Einstein by Salesforce. If you do get Service Cloud, it will ensure that the right team and team members address customer problems based on their level of knowledge, expertise, and experience. Hence, you are not just triaging; you also provide the best possible solution to your customers.


What are the benefits of having Service Cloud Einstein?

  • Triaging and automated data routing
  • A.I will analyze incoming complaints and forward them to your team
  • A.I will assign problems to your team members for you
  • Complaints will be posted in real-time 
  • It will give your customer service agents an  in-context view of the customer across all channels
  • Have the option of deploying bots to respond to more routines issues
  • Immediate engagement with customers through bots


Many companies already have A.I helping them. You can read how automation is used in customer services to make a more informed decision. It is time to streamline your customer service team and its processes. Also, it will be even better if you can do it with Salesforce Service Cloud because they are famous for improving customer satisfaction by providing world-class CRM systems. 


AI chip


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