Understanding the New Era of Automation

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols


When Demolition Man starring Sandra Bullock and Arnold Schwarzenegger, came out in 1993, I was not born yet. But decades before Artificial Intelligence (AI) became a thing; this movie was way ahead of its time. I watched it for the first time around 2009, and even back then, it felt as if a future like that was a few hundred years away. It is safe to say that the movie did get a few things spot on! Especially the tiny computer screen that everyone connected reminds us of how Zoom meetings took over our lives from 2020. 

Hollywood movies in the 90s usually portrayed a future, not too far ahead, filled with evil robots trying to take over human civilisation. However, that is not the case. Because guess what? The robots are here, and they are not to uproot us with their evil superpowers. It simply means we now have opportunities to humanise our work to complement and enhance AI, automation, and productivity overall. Here are Six Reasons Why You Need A.I. 

Don’t you believe me? This is why Salesforce invited award-winning New York Times technology columnist Kevin Roose to discuss automation and its impact on our lives and jobs. Roose mentioned that AI and automation are already changing and evolving how we work. He also stated that the technologies available to us now are here to reshape economies and workforces forever, not disrupting our lives or taking over our jobs. 

Here are some sectors in which AI has made our life better:



Machine-learning algorithms can diagnose some types of cancer and perform common X-rays with better accuracy than traditional methods used by human radiologists. Did you know AI applications are in the works that will detect illnesses from smelling human breath? Pretty cool, I would say! 



Being an influencer is a full-time job now, and some of the biggest social-media influencers AI-designed models



AI applications can accurately capture and process directions from humans in a matter of seconds! Wait, let me tell my Alexa to play my favourite song while I finish this blog. 

Playing songs using Alexa.


Analysis/pattern recognition 

AI apps and software can analyse data sets to identify patterns and trends quickly and efficiently. They can also report real-time data and predict, in some cases, what’s likely to happen in the future by analysing that data.


Creative Sector

AI is helping musicians edit and compose music, game creators are churning out the most creative games for their audience, and writers are benefitting too by having real-time software correcting their grammar and spelling mistakes instantly.


Creating AIs

As AI can quickly process large data sets, they can also create child AI applications that are most likely to outperform human-created AIs. So, now we even have AI babies!

Should we now address the elephant in the room? Are you worried about protecting yourself from being replaced by AI and robots? Sorry to pop your bubble, but the truth is, every job as it exists today can, in some way, be automated. So, you cannot run away from technology. You will need to learn to live with it in harmony. 

Please, do not panic. This is not the end of the world. We are in a new world, a new era of possibilities, and our potential is limitless. So, let’s go back to school again, put on our student hats and start upskilling ourselves. AI, automation, and robots are here, and they are here for good. Perhaps, after this blog, you can watch Demolition Man again and ponder about how the movie doesn’t seem fictional anymore


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