6 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce Marketing Cloud


By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Blogger, Lava Protocols

In 2016, I dropped my mobile phone in the toilet. It was not a proud moment, and even though I picked it up in five seconds or less, the damage was done. I dried my phone’s battery with a blow dryer to add salt to the wound, hoping to revive it. Nothing worked, and in a day, the battery swole up twice its size, and I had accepted defeat. I had just returned from a trip with friends and thought I had lost all the photos. Thanks to the phone's cloud feature, I did not lose any precious memory. Since then, I have genuinely believed in Cloud and its power to make my life less messy.

This is why you also need to opt for Marketing Cloud by Salesforce. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing platform that can support many facets of marketing your business, which includes multi-channel marketing campaign execution, dynamic and personalized customer journeys, intensive campaign analytics, social media engagement and advertising, and an overall data management platform. When dealing with large numbers of customers, it is important for each customer to feel as if they are the only important person in your life. Kind of like how I felt when I saw my photos were safely saved in my phone’s cloud system. One of the most prominent challenges marketers face is delivering personalized services to their extensive customer pools. However, with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, personalization is the only answer. Here are 6 reasons why you need Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 

Enhanced Engagement 

To deliver the right message to the right audience, you possibly cannot hire staff to do that manually for you. First, it is time-consuming and, secondly, expensive! It would help if you had Data Extension Query Support in the Marketing Cloud to understand and process unique audience attributes. This allows you to analyze the performance of your messaging and tweak them if required. This will increase brand loyalty and drive higher engagement because, with the help of Marketing Cloud, you can connect the dots across critical customer touchpoints and establish yourself as a customer-driven company.

Customer Data Platform

As technology has evolved, we can reach our customers anywhere, anytime. This also means your customers expect you to be available in their preferred channels. Some customers will prefer email marketing, and Gen Z customers will opt for mobile communication. With the wide variety of customers and channels, marketers also need to use richer customer data to reach their customers effectively. The new features in the Marketing Cloud’s Customer Data Platform will help you to achieve better personalization. It will do so by augmenting the volume of data, connecting data across channels, and activating data to drive personalized mobile messages.


Triggered Campaign Messages

With the Marketing Cloud, you will not only be able to deliver triggered campaign messages but also personalize them. You can deliver personalized and relevant messages to your customers based on their behavior and preferences. You will be able to measure and monitor the time spent by your customers in your touchpoints to understand their behaviors. However, the coolest part is you will also be able to use sophisticated artificial intelligence and powerful real-time segmentation to deliver personalized experiences that inspire customers to take action.

Brand New Conditional Completion Actions

Automation also got better. With the new features of Marketing Cloud, you can now run multiple automation effectively in one place. For example, if a group of customers meets specific criteria, the Marketing Cloud will only trigger follow-up actions with personalized emails, forms, and much more. This also means that your customers won’t be getting emails or campaigns they are not interested in. They will only receive communication from you for products and services that interest them! How cool is that!



Intelligent Database Exports

I am so glad that I am a writer, not a researcher or marketer, who has to collect, sort, and process thousands of data daily. Marketing data can be very tricky and tiresome to sort and analyze. This is why you need the Marketing Cloud to sort your data. The new Database Exports feature in the Marketing Cloud will automate data collection and processing, make the data available to other teams across your business, and safely back up the data in Intelligence in your company’s database.

Einstein Engagement Frequency 

Email campaigns can be informative and helpful to place new and improved products and services to your customers. It is inexpensive and quick. However, you are not the only one going for email campaigns. Hence, by the time your email reaches your customer’s inbox, there is a chance they might be already irritated. This is why the Einstein Engagement Frequency dashboard in the Marketing Cloud will predict how your email will affect customer engagement. With the help of this fantastic feature, you can avoid email fatigue in customers, test multiple message frequencies to understand how this affects customer engagement, and decide how many emails to send in the upcoming campaigns.

Sounds like a match made in heaven for your marketing team? Then what are you waiting for?

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