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close-up-of-serious-busy-lady-in-jacket-sitting-at-2021-09-24-02-47-35-utc-minBy Swatil Binte Mahmud, Blogger, Lava Protocols

Did you know that a staggering $8.49 billion in email marketing revenue was projected by the end of 2021? Email engagements remain at an all-time high as the engagement rates have tripled since the pandemic in 2020. Why are so many companies going for email campaigns? It is because email marketing is quick and cost-efficient. It allows marketers to communicate with many customers directly to inform them about their products and services. Email marketing campaigns also help with brand awareness and retaining customers. Hence, businesses worldwide are incorporating email campaigns into their marketing strategies. 

There is data to prove that email marketing can be successful. According to Litmus's State of Email Report, more than 90% of global marketers said email marketing was critical to company success in 2021, and 79% of marketers mentioned email marketing in the top three most effective marketing channels.

Honestly, I was skeptical about email marketing even five years ago. Most customers wanted face-to-face communication. But the pandemic did change many things in a short time. As a customer and receiver of email marketing, I think customers appreciate email marketing because they can choose when to read it. I like having the freedom to choose a convenient time and mindset to read up on products. This also allows me to be more receptive to the messages. I am sure each customer has their reason for liking email marketing. As the numbers and data are showing email campaigns are successful, you should join the bandwagon too! So, it is the weekend and I am in a good mood, here are some free tips and tricks to nail your upcoming email campaign!


Know Your Marketing Goal

Marketing goals are the foundation of your email campaign (to be honest, any campaign). Brainstorm and identify your goals for the campaign and develop messaging to help meet your objectives. The next step is to set clear targets to measure the campaign's success. For example, you might want to see a thousand orders for a particular product by the end of the campaign, or you would like people to subscribe to your monthly newsletter. So, once you have the objectives and targets identified and set, you are ready to engage with your audience meaningfully.

Build a Strong Contact List

Once you have locked the email marketing content and messaging, it is essential to filter and analyze which communication will go to whom. Not every customer will be interested in the same products, and they might get irritated if you bombard them with emails irrelevant to their likes and preferences. It is also crucial to get consent from your customers before emailing them. So, to grow an organic email contact list, encourage customers and prospective customers to sign up for content. They can do so through your website, social media accounts, or when they come to your store or customer service. Please remember that it is essential for the customers to open your emails to make your marketing campaign successful. Hence, make sure your contact lists are sorted before you are ready to send out emails.


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Tailor Content for Your Audience

Gone are the days when companies could get away with sending the same email to all stakeholders. Nowadays, customers want personification, relevant messaging, and communication from the companies they buy from. They expect you to tailor messages to their needs and concerns for them to have a personified experience with your product or brand. To do this, you can segment your audience based on their stage in the customer journey. However, it can be time-consuming to do so. Hence, you can choose to integrate a content management system (CMS) with your email automation. For this, you can look at the products and software offered by the best Customer Relationship Management software company, Salesforce! With the help of Salesforce, you can segregate your audience and tailor relevant content.

Believe in the Power of Analytics

None of your efforts will be fruitful if you are unaware of what’s working and what's not. It is essential to know the numbers of your email campaign. Hence, you can try investing in software that will help you track and analyze your email performance metrics. For example, with the help of Salesforce and their world-class technology, you will be able to measure the click-through rates, subscription and unsubscription rates, click-to-website rates, and much more. With this data, you can prepare for your next campaign more efficiently!

I’ll let you digest this last tidbit: no matter your company size, email marketing can help to deeply connect with your audience, build your brand reputation, and grow your existing customer base. Okay, one last tip, an email marketing campaign is more cost-friendly than other marketing campaigns, so give it a try!

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