3 Most Common CRM Issues Companies Face

By Jasraj Sandhu, Senior Business Analyst, and Prethiba Esvary, Marketing and Communications Executive, Lava Protocols

By now, you will be able to find numerous analyst reports on the Internet which documents customer relationship management (CRM) project failures.

Different reports are quoting different figures (percentage of failure). But that’s not important. What’s important is WHAT is causing these failures and HOW can we avoid this.

Based on our decade long experience in working with clients across various sectors, these are some of the common CRM issues we discovered:

You might ask: Why do companies face issues even if they have adopted high-end mature CRM systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, or SAP?

Based on our experience, in most cases it is due to the way the system was set up, implemented, and managed.


How do you avoid all of the above? First, you’ve got to understand what is a CRM system and how it works. Then, consider these things before you actually get one. Or, you can always speak to one of our consultants. Email us at asklava@lavaprotocols.com or call +603 7885 9720.

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