Salesforce Community: What It Is And How It Benefits Your Firm

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Every company wants to grow while maintaining the same personal relationship with their clients. Obviously, as time passes this becomes increasingly harder due to the increasing user/client base. One way to counter this is through the use of social media interaction by building a customer community and the best way for companies to be able to do this quickly and effectively is to do it through a platform which brings all social media outlets into one place.

Salesforce Community Cloud is one such platform that tackles this problem. It provides you with all the tools making it very easy to set up thanks to its templates which can be edited according to the preferences of the company.

Can you give me an example how people use this?

Software companies can use it to create forums where people can come together and discuss about problems or just share creative ideas on what they would like with the company. Another example could be a university providing its alumni with a customer community where all of them can interact with each other. Furthermore, it is also used by various firms to create an internal community where sales people can share leads with other partners in different regions.

If you forte is customisability, Salesforce also provides you with more advanced options to edit templates such as the banners and fonts. Community Cloud’s CSS editor allows developers to edit each element of a template to their liking and even come up with their own original design.

Have a look at the video below and get a better idea:


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