Good News, You Never Have to Fill Timesheets Again! [Video]

If you clicked the title to read this post, chances are you know what a timesheet is. But in case you don’t, a time sheet is basically a spreadsheet/form in which you keep track of how much time you spent working on tasks for a particular client in order to bill them accordingly. What you also need to know is that no one likes filling time sheets because it takes time to fill them. Time which could be spent working on real tasks.

But there is a solution! One of the beauties of using cloud services is that the best services can usually talk to other services and pass bits of information back and forth. How is that relevant in this case? Take someone who uses their Google Calendar to block their time and work on tasks for a particular client/project. When it comes time to fill in the time sheet for that client/project at the end of the month, they hop over to a Google Sheet in which they enter the time spent on that particular client/project’s tasks for each day they worked on it for the past month. Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Calendar automatically created a row for each event that has the client/project’s name in it along with the duration of the time block?

While Google Calendar doesn’t do that out of-the-box, it does have the ability to talk to other cloud services as we mentioned a minute ago, so can Google Sheets. That’s where Zapier comes in. Zapier’s job is to sit in the middle of any two (or more) cloud services that can pass data around and connect them with each other. How would that work exactly, you ask? Well, this kind of thing is much easier to be shown in video rather attack you with pages of text. That’s why we created the video below for your convenience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Then, you know, replicate the steps and get your time back!

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