BFM Podcast: Cloud Technology for Education Institutions

[Post updated on Aug 9, 2018]

BFM radio:

These days universities and other educational institutions have high-tech networks in place. However, with various networks and systems in place, there is a need to integrate them in a flexible way. This can be achieved via cloud computing. These institutions are also seeking ways in which they can improve their service by providing the necessary IT support for storage and development while lowering costs.

When we talk about cloud technology for education, it’s not just skewed to IT, but it also includes administration, HR, finance, student services, content delivery, etc.

Are education institutions ready to embrace cloud technology?

Andrew Thomas, Executive Director and Gopi Ganesalingam, former Managing Director of Lava Protocols, answer the question above, and also share their views on how cloud technology can help the education institutions in Malaysia.

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