Customer Data Platform: The Marketing Technology You Need!

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

Do you remember those days when we used to collect and analyze data manually? Wait, are you still doing that? Is your marketing team spending chunks of hours compiling and going through customer data? For me, this is something we used to do in the past, maybe in the 90s. It is 2022, and we are not doing anything manually with data. Companies that have opted for the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform by Salesforce have happier marketing teams and I’ve found data to prove this statement. But as you read on, you’ll take away that Customer Data Platform is here to help keep you and your marketing team-centered with a single true source of data. This platform is an expert for providing more actionable, intelligent, and trusted customer data at your fingertips.


Here are four things you need to know about Customer Data Platform (CDP) by Salesforce:


1. Knowing Your Customers

CDP is a place where you can unify all your data from anywhere and get a complete view of your customers. Nowadays, having numerous touchpoints for your customers ensures more engagement and visibility of your brand. CDP creates a unified customer profile for each customer across all your touchpoints. It connects customer order, marketing journeys, identities, engagement data, and privacy management. So, simply put, CDP will put a single customer’s data in one place for your marketing team! This way, you will know precisely what your customer is experiencing and doing in all your touchpoints.

Oh, you can also connect your teams in the CDP. For example, if you make the data accessible to marketing and sales teams, they can work together to develop the best strategies to keep your customers happy and make a profit.


2. Segmenting Data

Categorizing and segmenting customer data helps your marketing team put your versatile customers in buckets. CDP can help you build more innovative audience segments with data from your touchpoints. It is also a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform that enables you to drag and place your customer segments whenever and however you want! You can also manage all your customer segmentation and targeting efforts from one central and user-friendly interface of CDP.


Marketing team working on project at table with charts, documents and gadgets, view from the top


Also, Salesforce believes A.I is not the future but the present. Hence, CDP has A.I which democratizes the power of huge data analytics for marketers. If you do not know much about automation but want to Understand the New Era of Automation, now is the time!


3. Activating Data

Customers will not be happy with your brand if you do not deliver customized experiences. Did you know in the global State of Marketing report by Salesforce, it was found that over 70% of businesses said the same thing? They mentioned that meeting customer expectations was their biggest challenge in 2021. So, if you want to Retain Customers in 2022, you have to give them the best! Hence, CDP activates your customer’s data from anywhere across your company for more connected, personalized experiences for your customers. 

The best part of CDP is having unified customer profiles regardless of how many touchpoints you have to deliver the right content to the right customer on the right channel. Also, activating personalized data can help you determine and predict their following action.


4. Analyzing and Adapting 

CDP by Salesforce helps you to connect every customer to their engagement behavior with AI-lad, cross-channel insights so you can adjust your marketing efforts and audience segment accordingly.

You can visualize and explore customer data in the world’s leading business intelligence platform, Tableau by Salesforce. You can also enhance your marketing optimizations with audience insights in Marketing Cloud Intelligence by Salesforce. 


If you do not opt for CDP, then your customers will have disconnected experiences, and the lack of a single source of data about customers for the marketing team can lead to a loss for your business. CDP can help you, and your company goes beyond marketing and advertising; it will open up the world of unified customer data and yield benefits for your marketing team and your company’s profit.


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