Retail Experience: 4 Ways to Build it Around Your Customers

By Swatil Binte Mahmud, Lava Protocols

I have been messaging an online store to change a product they sent in the wrong size for almost four months now. I should have given up, but I will not sit down and take mediocre customer service. Another online shop that sent over the wrong flavor of ice cream delivered the flavor I ordered the next day and requested me to keep the other one. They apologized for the mistake and told me to enjoy my ice cream tubs. Now, that’s the kind of customer experience I am looking for! 


The Covid-19 pandemic revolutionized the shopping experience for customers and business conduction for business owners. The good thing is retailers have been incredibly responsive to changes in consumer shopping styles and demand, supply chain availability, and online and offline store operations over the past two years. In a short period, retailers moved on from decades-old best business practices and launched new services that cater to customer experiences in this new era. We now have virtual appointments, multiple flexible payment options, user-friendly online shopping platforms, and much more. I never knew buying and selling livestock could be done online. Our resilient business owners proved us all wrong, and now they are selling everything, starting from a pen to houses to cars and even cows!


In the past, customers were okay with bare minimum customer services like fair prices and quality products. But, modern customers will not settle down for anything less than the best. They want personalized interactions, proactive services, fast responses, connected digital experiences, and they want everything fast! If you want to know how to Reimagine Customer Experience, you can follow these simple tricks to know-how! 


Customer service executives working at office


Trick 1: Collect Data at Every Touchpoint

We can’t stretch enough the importance of having data from the customers themselves. Since businesses have shifted online, the process can be made simpler by having Salesforce do all the work for you. Salesforce will allow you to take every opportunity to ask your customers about their needs and wants at every touchpoint with your brand. You will give solid recommendations and offer personalization services if you have accurate data to tell you what your customers want!


Trick 2: Rise and Shine!

The tone, approach, and vibes your brand gives to your customers can either make you or break you. If you want to retain customers and make them come back for more, you have to sell your brand’s personality. A tip within a tip; try to keep your brand fun and creative as customers seem to love that!


Trick 3: 24/7 Customer Service

Millennials and Genz are online 24/7. You never know when they will want something or need someone to talk to about your product. Customers tend to get frustrated when they can’t get in touch with a brand when they need to. This is why you need self-service chatbots and AI-powered customer services and agents. These will allow you to access customers’ data while giving them solutions. This is where you can get help from Salesforce and their AI solutions to provide an excellent customer experience. The last thing you need is a PR nightmare on TikTok where an unhappy customer is bashing your products or customer service. 


Trick 4: Don’t Forget to Check Your Social Media Feedback

Customers are now online and vocal more than ever before. The competition is tough out there, and if you cannot meet your customer’s needs, you will not survive. All your customers want is a deep and meaningful relationship with you. The best way to offer that is by listening and responding to them. Check your social media, read the comments, and reply when needed! Customers want a relationship with your brands, so you need to maximize every opportunity to build on that relationship through online interaction.


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